5 Most Common Symptoms Of Type 1 Diabetes

Are a person worried that you may have type 1 diabetes, In order to give you a kick off point so that you can take notice of the possibility that you may have kind 1 diabetes, below are a few conditions you will want to look at. It is essential to see your doctor immediately if you are going through any of the following symptoms:

1. Excessive urination: If you have type 1 diabetes and are wondering why you are usually experiencing excessive urination, it is because whenever your blood glucose levels are higher than 180 mg/dl, your kidneys are unable to send out all of the extra glucose into your blood stream.

The urine is then extremely concentrated due to the amount of glucose which is in it. Because of this the body instantly withdraws water from your blood and after that into the urine which results in higher levels of glucose. Ultimately, both the drinking water in the glucose fill up your urinary frequently.

2 . Higher than regular feelings of thirst: Because from the excessive urination you are experiencing, the body is dumping tons of water each hour. The result of this is lacks and causes you to become extremely parched.

3. A loss of weight: Weight loss is very common with people that have kind 1 diabetes. Because your body will be losing glucose in the urine, there is absolutely no energy for your body to utilize and so this starts to cannibalize and break down muscle tissues, as well as fat, in its search for power.

4. Hunger: At this point you might be facing extreme levels of hunger. This is because the cells in your body are malnourished due to the lack of insulin which is usually used to send glucose into the tissue. Now even after eating, the feeling associated with still being hungry is a continuous sensation, even though there is plenty of meals in your stomach.

5. Fatigue: Extreme fatigue and weakness will now placed in. You are urinating excessively, the body is losing water making you really thirsty, your system is now losing weight since it has no energy to draw through and is cannibalizing the good muscle tissue, also because your cells are malnourished you feel hunger sensations. Add all of us with each other and you are left with a body which is malnourished and is not getting the power requires from glucose. This simply leaves you with a feeling of intense tiredness and fatigue.

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