Cause And Symptoms Of Narcolepsy

Map of the Battle of the Somme, 1916.svgMain narcolepsy symptoms is too much daytime sleepiness (EDS), it contained in all sufferers diagnosis. Other narcolepsy symptoms are cataplexy (loss associated with muscle tone), hypnagogic hallucination (distorted perceptions), sleep paralysis (inability to go or talk) and sleep strolling. But these symptoms not always present in exactly the same person at the grinding same period. People with narcolepsy been views as cursed or possessed as well as lazy but narcolepsy is more difficult than that, narcolepsy is nervous system chronic disease.

The narcolepsy signs and symptoms develop from such a young age, a few patient had it since teens. The first symptoms appear will be EDS and people usually assumed the patient is being teenagers don’t wish to wake up and go to school, as well as the next symptoms can appear in yrs after first symptoms.

Narcolepsy will be difficult to trace because it’s difficult and often get misdiagnosed. And furthermore physicians believe that narcolepsy is not an actual disease until it gets troubling, since the early narcolepsy symptoms are very similar with other illness from flu and also cancer. Early narcolepsy symptoms will be fatigue, tiredness, concentration problem, interest, memory and performances, some serious case even seizure and psychological illness consider as valid signs and symptoms.

Narcolepsy causes s still the mystery since it’s accepted like a disease recently, recent study narcolepsy is considered as sleeping disease. Narcolepsy sufferer has special group of sensors cell abnormalities in structure plus function known as hypocretin neurons. Basically hypocretin neurons have only one function which is to help regulate sleeping designs. It can affect sufferers to become oversleep (narcolepsy) or under sleep (insomnia) when it’s not completely healthy.

In the latest study one theory will be running rampant is that the nerve tissue are damaged by autoimmune response. The trigger of autoimmune response that destroyed hypocretin neurons might be environmental. For example infection or even trauma and drugs since a few drugs have unusual effect on autoimmune system.

Handling Narcolepsy Symptoms

Narcolepsy causes sleepiness often attacks upon daytime can happen anytime no matter what have you been doing. Narcolepsy symptoms often provide embarrassment, social isolation and depressive disorder. Here are the best ways to handle narcolepsy symptoms: Practice good quality sleep night time, take daytime naps about 10-15 minutes. Exercise regularly in day time simply walking can develop strength stamina and metabolism improvement to rest better at night. Avoid caffeine, alcoholic beverages and nicotine few hours prior to bedtime because caffeine and pure nicotine have stimulate effect keeping a person from sleeping while alcohol is really a depressant relaxed the body and assist to sleep but it’s false rest aid since it prevent restful rest.

Modify your diet, poor diet create narcolepsy symptoms even worse and regular, high protein and complex carbs is recommended. Follow work routines regular schedule, make personal routine to compensate lost activities due unexpected sleep attacks. Seek help, obtain educational counseling, support groups to share tales, coping mechanism and feel approved by group of people.

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