Fatigue Symptoms And Its Causes

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder CausesMost adult persons have been bothered by a condition called fatigue at least one time in the course of their lives. The most typical fatigue symptom is the lack of strength of energy. However, the term, fatigue is usually used ordinarily and has a great deal of meanings. Fatigue can also mean sleepiness or drowsiness, tiredness, lethargy, listlessness, malaise and also weakness, particularly muscular weakness.

There are times if it’s hard for us to decipher and recognize what we are really feeling – whether we are tired, fatigued, weak or other debilitating conditions with other symptoms. Nevertheless, almost any common symptoms and bring about conditions of fatigue may indicate that you might be suffering from serious medication conditions and prompts medical investigation.

Several medical conditions may be considered as the cause of fatigue. Other possible causes could also be identified by your physician. So it is highly advised to consult with a doctor about your particular variety of fatigue symptoms.

More often than not, fatigue is caused by these following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Overexertion
  • Infections
  • Pregnancy in women

Watch out for the medical conditions that commonly trigger various fatigue symptoms:

o Flu
o Hepatitis
o Mononucleosis
o Chronic infection
o Viral infection
o Urinary tract infection or UTI
o Abdominal infection
o Lung infection
o Rheumatoid arthritis
o Tooth abscess
o Endocarditis

Diseases that can also result to fatigue are the following:

o Certain types of Anemia
o Addison’s illness
o Post viral syndrome
o Hypothyroidism

There are symptoms that seemingly indicate fatigue but may also be akin to other conditions:

o Drowsiness may be either a fatigue symptom or a sign that you were lacking sleep the night before.
o Weakness can be a sign of fatigue, based on two factors: physical or muscular weakness.
o Sleepiness
o Tiredness
o Malaise
o Listlessness
o Muscle Weakness

Many of the fatigue symptoms are individually triggered by certain possible causes. There are about 462 possible causes for drowsiness, 244 possible factors behind malaise, 200 causes of lethargy, 1 cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, 4 causes of severe fatigue, 8 factors behind extreme fatigue, 23 causes of insufficient energy, 20 causes of excessive yawning, 2 causes of daytime drowsiness, 1 cause of daytime tiredness, 3 factors behind general discomfort and 9 factors behind feeling under the weather. The fatigue symptom, sedative effect’s cause has already been obvious.

You can undergo various diagnostic tests in order to determine fatigue. This would depend on your medical practitioner’s professional advice, of course and you must select judiciously.

– Undergoing physical examinations, like taking of blood pressure while lying down and after arising quickly to an upright position. This is needed if you are probing into Addison disease as the cause of fatigue.

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