How To Deal With Bruxism And Sleep Better

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a condition that happens when the person is asleep. In extreme cases, this condition could lead to temporomandibular disorders or TMJ problems which are generally characterized by lockjaw and discomfort in the jaw area. Facial swelling is also reported in some cases and this can be related to temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders.

Teeth grinding could still lead to issues even in mild conditions. Many people suffer different types of sleeping disorders and one of the causes is bruxism. When you’re grinding your teeth all night, you’ll wake up tired instead of feeling rested.

Dealing with Bruxism

I was also one of the millions suffering from this problem. At first, I didn’t find out about it but I had sleep problems and I can’t feel rested enough even after sleeping for 8 hours. My wife pointed out that I was “gnashing” my teeth while I sleep and she suggested that could be the cause of my sleeping problem.
Since my problem is tooth related, I opted to see my dentist. He recommended that I wear mouth guards custom fitted to protect my teeth. It was a bit expensive ($250) nonetheless it was very effective. I was sleeping like a baby once I became accustomed with the mouth guard. Later I found out that there are cheaper OTC mouth guards that might be as effective. The OTC version is really a DIY version of the dentist’s recommendation as you personally make the mold. If you are acquainted with molding and you have teeth grinding problems, this is a better alternative.

Relaxation Techniques in Sleeping

I shared this problem with some of my friends and I was surprised that some of them have the same health concerns. But their solution didn’t just result in getting a custom mouth guard. Their problems related to TMJ have been quelled by listening to relaxation techniques. They downloaded some files online which has helped them relax and had a good night rest. Aside from preventing their teeth from grinding again, they have also relaxed their body which helped them to rest.

Needless to say, I also tested this unique method of getting a good night rest and I was impressed with the results. Along with the mouth guard, I was able to get a grip on my body which helped me curl up. Sleep disruptions are now a thing of the past as I can easily rest and feel energized the next day.

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