How To Reduce Whistling Of A CPAP Hose

CPAP, or steady optimistic airway strain, is the gold normal therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. Quite a number of advances have been made in CPAP lately, together with noise discount. As of 2010, CPAP machines ought to generate an identical noise stage to a fan within the room. This additionally applies to the CPAP hose. If your hose makes any sort of whistling sound, investigating for leaks and changes normally fixes the issue to facilitate correct therapy.

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Step 1
Remove the CPAP masks from the hose by gently twisting and pulling. With your CPAP machine linked to the hose, plug the unfastened finish of the hose and switch the machine to the “On” place. If this eliminates the CPAP whistling, the sound is probably going coming from the CPAP masks quite than the hose. In this case, you will have to have your masks refitted to resolve the issue.

Step 2
Make positive the CPAP hose is securely hooked up to the CPAP machine by pushing and twisting the rubber finish all the best way to the floor of the machine. If the hose just isn’t all the best way linked to the machine, air will leak and whistling can happen. If whistling persists, your hose might have stretched or loosened in order that it not makes a safe reference to the machine. In this case, you will want to exchange your CPAP hose.

Step three
Fill a bucket with water. Remove the hose from the CPAP machine. Submerge the hose within the water and permit it to fill. Plug each ends of the hoses along with your fingers and elevate out of the water. Observe for any water leakage from the hose. If you discover leakage, a gap is current. If so, you could substitute your hose.

Step four
Consider how lengthy you’ve had your CPAP hose. In many instances, whistling outcomes from a worn out tube. Based on info from, “signs of wear are dry, cracked places on the inside lining or on the rubber ends; stretch marks near the rubber ends; and mineral deposits or mold from water left inside the hose.” If you see any of those indicators, it is best to substitute your CPAP machine. If it has been over a 12 months because you changed your hose, substitute it, since a well-worn hose is a quite common reason behind hose whistling.

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If you can not discover the supply of the whistling, ask your sleep physician to write down a prescription for a alternative hose. Insurance corporations normally cowl a hose refill each one to a few months, though particular plans might range. Replacement hoses are allotted by sturdy medical gear corporations.
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