How To Treat A Muscle Spasm In Your Neck And Upper Back

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Use a supportive pillow during the night – one with rolls is usually recommended so that you have proper positioning.

If you are using a flat pillow or a pillow that is too much, consider making a change.

In the beginning changing your cushion can cause some short term pain, yet perserve- it will make such a distinction in the quality of your sleep, it will probably be worth it.

Put a tens Unit to Work
Use electrotherapy for your musculature use a tens unit within the neck and upper back area. You can use the tens unit in your upper back muscles such as the rhomboids as well as the trapezius muscles.

Massage with a topical cream Gel
You can use a pain comfort gel like biofreeze on your throat and upper back muscles and do muscle mass massage. This blue stuff does work well. Also it is greaseless, odorless and does not stain your clothes.

Do Cervical Traction
Traction can provide lots of relief for tightness. Its some thing simple you can do at home. I am sure you might have tried traction at your physical counselors or chiropractors office before.

Watch Your Posture
Be aware of the way you sit, how you stand and how a person work throughout the day. This can make a huge difference.

Use hot therapy
Use the heating pad on your neck plus upper back area. This can be very relaxing and help to relax that region very well. 10-15 minutes is all you require.

How Often Do you have Muscle Spasms that Are PainFul,
How often do you feel that you have neck discomfort and back pain due to muscle mass spasms,

Once a month

Once a week


Constant – at all times

Comes and Goes
See outcomes Here is one pillow that can help along with stiff neck

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sendingJohn Stewart 23 months ago

I think the first choice is the best. Ive seen people attempt to self treat themselves only to possess the problem get worse.

Chiropractic care will be the way to go, i wrote about it upon my site: 3 years ago

my upper back began hurting me this morning about a few a. m. We were within the shower do I need to go to the emergency room

AuthorArc 4 Life 3 years ago through Florida

Killrade, sorry to hear this happened to you. It does have a good odor when you first put it on, but then goes away. This is def the case with all the newer formula of biofreeze.

Killrade three years ago

Heat worked thanks… yet bio freeze is not odorless and it has made my sinuses bleed from your smel

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