Sleep Walk Causes

Your Blog - elvirarodrigues1987There are usually millions of people all over the world who are plagued by the issue of sleep walking, or somnambulism. This is a type of sleep problem that causes people to walk or carry out activities that they usually do in the daytime while they asleep.

Sometimes, individuals who sleepwalk also talk within their sleep, and the talk is usually nonsensical, often sounding like the individual is actually saying something, but nothing easy to understand is coming out.

The majority of individuals who sleepwalk are children between the ages of four plus 12 years of age. In truth, about 15% of all children within this age group are known to sleepwalk. There are cases of older sleepwalkers, about 10% of all adult situations actually begin during the teen yrs.

When Does Sleepwalking Occur,

There are four stages associated with sleep, sleepwalking tends to occur generally during the first two sleep levels known as light sleep. When an individual walks in their sleep, they do not keep in mind their nocturnal activities. Some from the activities that are performed by sleepwalkers include getting dressed or undressed, using the bathroom or even rearranging furnishings.

Sleepwalking Causes

There are many reasons for sleepwalking:

– Physiological factors consist of associated medical conditions such as acid reflux disease or even other factors such as menstruation or being pregnant
– Genetic factors: studies show that will sleepwalking or somnambulism is 10 times more likely to occur if a very first generation relative has a history of sleepwalking
– Environmental factors such as disorderly sleep schedules, sleep deprivation, tension, alcohol intoxication and fatigue
: Psychological factors includes various psychiatric disorders such as multiple personality problems and panic attacks
– Medical elements such as seizures or mental problems

Each of these factors, either on their own or in combination, can cause a person in order to sleepwalk.

Sleepwalking Symptoms

When people sleepwalk, it may seem as if they may be awake, but they are actually asleep. Sleepwalking symptoms include:

– Performing numerous activities such as dressing or undressing while they are sleeping
– Getting disoriented and confused when they alert from their sleep
– Not keeping in mind the sleep walking when they get up
– Random sleep talking during sleep
– A blank look on the person’s face
– Eyes open throughout sleep
– Walking during sleep

Is It Dangerous to Wake the Sleepwalker,

According to misconception, it is dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker. The truth is, it is far from dangerous at all, and in many cases, can avoid injuries, which can often occur each time a sleepwalker falls or trips.

If you or someone you know is a sleepwalker, there are many things that can be done to help, which includes eliminating stress or environmental leads to that will get the sleepwalker to curriculum vitae a normal sleep pattern.

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