Two Terrifying Conditions That Can Cause Major Health Problems

Narcolepsy - Neurowiki 2013If you or anyone you know is never subjected to nightmares, you may rightly imagine a bad dream is just a nightmare. However, this assumption would be false. All nightmares are not the same and some people might suffer from nightmares and night dangers, both of which take shape within sleep’s different stages.

You have to understand right now that sleep anxiety attacks should never be cast aside and regarded as just bad dreams and nightmares. They also should not be viewed as the finish of the world because they can be controlled. Anxiety sleep disorder is only your anxiety, fears and worries, all rolled into one.

They Are Not The Same: Getting To Know The Difference Between Nightmares and Night Terrors

What Are Nightmares – The bad dreams people call nightmares are simply upsetting, frightening and visual hallucinations that take place in the mind and awaken the sufferer. Nightmares tend to be more common than people realize and any person, young or old, could be afflicted and affected by them. A nightmare occurs when the body is dealing with too much stress and anxiety; it’s also the subconscious’ way of telling a person that they’re fearful of something and must deal with it. They often just take hold during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which produces great fear, anxiety, anguish and horror.

What Are Night Terrors – When people have night terrors, they could wake up feeling paralyzed, both physically and mentally; they may feel as if they’re suffocating and feel trapped by the experience. This type of “dream” does occur during the non-REM sleep (the time when the brainwaves are long and slow). This is also the time when sleepwalking, sleep screaming and sleeping talking can take place. Night terrors generally occur an hour or so following the person has gone to bed; but there have been instances where a sufferer has experienced them immediately upon sleeping. This generally occurs because the sufferer was already troubled upon going to bed. Sufferers generally have a hard time waking up throughout a night terror.

Why Do Nightmares Occur In The First Place

There are many reasons why an individual will suffer from nightmares. Some facets include martial problems, health issues, stress, feeling inadequate, being insecure, facing trauma, etc . People who experience recurring nightmares often seek the advice and guidance of a mental health professional or therapist.

Besides seeking out professional help, people may change their lifestyle to make a difference within their sleep dreams. They may decide to change their diet to include healthier foods. They may decide that they need more regular exercise or change if they get their exercise (nighttime exercising boost adrenaline, which can affect how well the person sleeps).

If a child may be the sufferer of recurring nightmares, parents should be vigilant and seek help right away from the child’s pediatrician.

A Fleeting Look At Sleep Panic Attacks

Panic attacks that happen in people with depression, anti snoring symptoms and panic disorders often occur in the overnight hours. Children of any age can have sleep problems and the experience can be rough, not merely on the kids but on the parents too. Nightmares that occur in PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) patients often involve them thinking back on the original horrifying incidents that took place.

A nightmare disorder is the repeated instance of a negative dream that keeps a person from experiencing a good night’s rest. While some dream disorders react to medication, behavioral therapy is much healthier and produces outstanding results; seen particularly in people who are diagnosed with PTSD or have chronic nightmares.

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