Which Pillow Is Right For You,

How to pick the best cushion for You!

Which cushion is right for you, The answer is usually a mixture of various factors such as your:

– Sleep habits (side-sleeper, belly sleeper, back sleeper)

– Age and the health of your spine (history of aches and pains, cramps, discomfort)

– Personal preferences (in terms associated with material, comfort and style), and

– Budget (no matter what most likely willing to spend, a little market research will go a long way! )

As you get old your body and sleep patterns go through many changes. The pillow that will seemed perfect a few years ago might possibly not have changed much, but your needs are very different. You might need more comfort and support, an alternative shape or a material that is more effective at relieving pressure points that will cause pain and discomfort.

Getting Started

The best size:

Your construct and personal preference are the deciding elements while choosing the right size
Start using a pillow that looks ‘right’ to suit your needs. Lie down the way you usually perform and slip the pillow below your neck. Do not rush you to ultimately make a decision. Take a moment to ‘settle down’. Turn around and attempt your favorite sleeping postures. Rate the particular pillow for comfort level.

Next, consider using a slightly bigger pillow and test that for comfort. Does it feel a lot better, Try a few progressively bigger dimensions, thickness etc .

When you have discovered the right size, move on to the next action:

The best shape:

Comfort is not the only factor while choosing your pillow. Support is similarly important.
More so if you have unique needs, such as back pain, throat pain or frozen shoulder.

A good contour pillow is formed to ensure neutral spinal alignment, assisting to relax the supporting muscles plus relieve stiff neck and back again pain.

The Sleep Better Pillow has special Arm Channels to permit free arm movement and help the entire weight of the head and neck.

The best material:

You can pick a variety of inner fillings and external covers for your pillow.

Pick the memory foam pillow if you are looking for a “perfect fit”. Memory foam is composed of cells that will redistribute themselves to match the exact curves of the body. Your body weight will be evenly distributed throughout the entire area of the material, ensuring better comfort and ease without tossing and turning.

Make sure you are not allergic to the filling up or cover material and it will not emanate a strong or offensive smell.

The best credentials:

While neck support is proven to assist individuals with cervical problems, you need to make sure that the type of neck cushion you buy provides the right level of comfort plus neck support all night long. Many of the “special neck pillows” available in the market today never have been designed or recommended with a registered physiotherapist or neurosurgeon.

Leading neurosurgeon Dr. Berke has discovered much success in his quest to supply effective neck support for people who experience neck and back problems. Many people have benefited from his specially-designed contoured “Sleep Better Pillow ” made of visco-elastic foam.

In a quality-of-sleep study performed on 1000 subjects, 90% stated they would continue to use the Sleep Better Pillow instead of their own.

The greatest price:

Don’t just restrict yourself to the stores! Make a couple of calls and look on the Internet to get the best value. Many manufacturers allow you to attempt your memory foam pillow or bed mattress risk-free and return it inside 30 Days for a full reimbursement.

Finally, make sure you do not end up evaluating apples and oranges. Before you purchase a pillow, compare all the functions and put it to the “Better Sleep” Test!

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